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    I'm just me, and I'm cool with that. **  I love vintage and retro. **  I am sentimental, more so the older I get. ** I want to be creative, but I didn't get that gene.  **sigh**  I believe in the golden rule, and I try to keep my mind open as well as my heart. ** I'm not always true to who I want to be, but I'm closer every day and that's all that matters. ** I'm sarcastic, and not always "PC". **  I'm reserved until I get to know you.  If you make the first cut, then I'll consider you family.  **  I don't do two-faced, drama queens, or malicious gossipers.  Life is too short for bad karma.  **  I want more out of my life, but if I had to settle with what I have, I would still consider it a success.  **  I adore my kids, even though they make me crazy.  I make them crazy too.  It's win/win.  ** I am constantly a work in progress.  I can't change anyone else, but I can change how I react to them.  Right now I'm trying to be brave enough to live without limits.  The only person who has to believe in me is me, right?!

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    misfitdiva wrote at 10:35 PM on Oct. 3 , 2011


    ╚══`.¸.MISFIT DIVAS

    ...and you will too. Do you
    have a hard time fitting into
    other groups? Are you not
    labeled the "normal" mom?
    Strong & independent minded?
    Misfit Divas is perfect for you!
    JOIN TODAY - Don't waste
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    Mrs.Ziller wrote at 2:41 PM on Sep. 1 , 2011


    Do you hate your in-laws?

    Do you love your in-laws?

    Do you need to vent about them?

    Do you wanna talk about funny stories or share your frustrations with them?


    In-Laws! is the place to do it!

    Mrs.Ziller wrote at 6:40 PM on Aug. 16 , 2011


    Want a drama-free group?

    Do you like books, crafts, recipes?

    Do you want to make more friends?

    Do you have questions or want to vent?

    Out of the Ordinary has it all!


    Just be sure and tell them I invited you!

    airadan wrote at 12:46 PM on Mar. 2 , 2011


    Just dropping by to say hello and welcome to Army Wives!

    burch731 wrote at 5:17 PM on Feb. 18 , 2011


    Hey my name is Jessica; we recently moved into the area & I am looking for other local momma's to chat wtih & get to know.

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