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    littlewonders wrote at 3:41 PM on Oct. 2 , 2010


    Something for Everyone :)


    Stephanies5 wrote at 2:27 PM on Sep. 8 , 2010


    /\ Just stopping by to say "HI" from Sister's In Spirit. I hope the Lord's Blessings are upon you and your family. We want to pray with/for you and we want to have great fellowship with you. I Hope We'll See You Again Soon. {{HUGS}}

    Stephanies5 wrote at 10:41 AM on Jul. 9 , 2010


    We've been missing you at Sister's In Spirit. We hope you will stop by again soon to fellowship with us as we work together to fulfill God's purpose for our lives by getting in to His Word and discussing it along with getting His help with some tough issues we may face. Come back and join us in the learning, the fun and pray with us too.

    Stephanies5 wrote at 12:18 AM on Jun. 13 , 2010


    I'm so glad you decided to join the Sister's In Spirit group. I hope you will find that it's a group you like and will get really involved in. We have many things you can do. Stop by and talk about anything you need to talk about, get advice, talk about God, Answer Questions of the Day, play games, Do the Bible Readings and let us know about any prayer requests you have. Please start any posts you want to start and respond to anything you see. I hope you enjoy the group. Just jump right in.

    Stephanies5 wrote at 10:55 PM on Dec. 30 , 2009


    Check out Sister's In Spirit at http://www.cafemom.com/group/spiritsisters . It's a great group where we can talk, play games, have Bible studies and discussions and just support each other as we WORK TOGETHER TO FULFILL GOD'S PURPOSE FOR OUR LIVES.

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    • Boy Adrian... 34 years old

      Loving, sincere, dedicated...

    • Girl Lisa... 38 years old

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    • Girl Sarah Jayne 42 years old

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    little flowerTop 10 Things About Me:

    10. Favourite Colours: Shades of "Yellow", "Green", "Purple" and "Blue"
    9. Favourite Foods: Chicken, Pasta, Beef, Almost any vegetable available.
    8. Favourite Sayings: And so it goes, and so it goes... or "Don't sweat the small stuff."
    7. Favourite Movies: Growing up were: Heidi, Alice In Wonderland, The Wizard of Oz, Mary Poppins and The Sound of Muxic ~ All Originals Now: My Big Fat Greek Wedding
    6. Favourite Beverages: Ice cold water and milk
    5. Favourite Seasons: Spring and Fall ~ I love to see the new buds and blooms in Spring and watch the leaves changing colours in the Fall.
    4. Favourite Holiday: I don't have one but I do love Christmas and the excitement on the faces of children.
    3. Favourite Pasttimes: Sitting quietly with my husband and enjoying a good movie or enjoying time with loved ones.
    2. Favourite Books: I enjoy history and mystery ;)
    1. Favourite Hobbies: Music(playing the piano, singing and whistling) gardening, cooking, crocheting, reading but not necessarily in that order.

  • My name is Laura but I am often called Lor or Laurie.

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