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    • Boy Wyatt 12 years old

      My joy in life is my son. I...

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    What is your middle name? Dawn

    What color is your mailbox? Black with red and orange flames

    Are you available? NO

    Did you ever hit a deer? Yes

    Do you have to drive over a bridge to get home? Yes

    Who checks the mail in your house? My husband

    Do you have a small driveway? no not really

    Do you know anyone with the same ringtone as you? don't know

    What do you do first in the morning? wake up

    What brand is your printer? don't have one yet, asking for my b-day

    Do you enjoy fighting with people? NO!

    Do you get mad easily? Sometimes

    Is your hair naturally straight or curly? wavy

    Who was your kindergarten teacher? Mrs. Edwards

    Are you taller than your mother? No

    Do you have a favorite word? Bite me
    Where do you live - which state or country? N.C. USA

    Does anything hurt on your body right now? Yes, my back, always

    Do you often cry during a movie? Yes all the time

    Do you smoke? yes

    What is your biggest pet peeve?  inconsiderate people

    Do any of your friends have kids? yes, most of them

    How many years older than you are you willing to date? don't know

    Have you ever liked someone who all your friends couldn't stand? Yes

    Have you ever felt like driving off a cliff? No

    What brand are the pants/jeans you're wearing right now? Levi

    How tall are you? 5'1

    What is on your feet? tennis shoes

    How many kids do you have? 1, 2 including my husband

    What is the brightest color you're wearing? grey

    Do you have any TV shows on DVD? no

    Are you wearing make up? no

    Do you have a tattoo? yes

    Is there an animal that creeps you out? yes, mice

    Do you know how to draw? no

    Do you work a lot of hours? yes, 40 a week

    What do you do when you are stressed out? smoke

    Who was the last person that called you? my husband

    Is there anything you regret? yes

    Do you know where your family name originated from? no

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