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  • Me?!

     I'm a 23 year old mom to five!!

    Two girls and three boys .  My husband is nine years my senior, and is the most wonderfully lazy man ever!

    Everyday is something different in our house. I am a little off the beaten path. I use cloth diapers.. and thanks to a post on cafemom I now make my own laundry soap. My hubby calls me his hippy. I love my family to death and can't imagine what else I could have done with my life.  We love to ride our quads, go hiking, and love to spend days at different parks throughout our state. Also, we love our area zoo... I swear, they know us by name.  I can't stand how people over schedule their poor children these days.  Kids need to have time to play and enjoy their childhoods. I have a wonderfol mom that annoy me to no end. I have a wonderful in-law family.. I stay at home with my kids and have no intention of getting a job.. I have already have one! My kids!! I am trying to become environmentally conscious of the choices I make on a daily basis. I love going to church, but never seem to make it a regular routine. I have three stepsons that we are unable to see at this time but they are in my thoughts and prayers every day!

    3 things I hate...

    1. Abortions!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Birth control.

    3. Close minded people.

    3 things I love....

    1. My kids and husband... and family. :o)

    2. My life!!

    3. Being a mom.



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