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    Being with my girls is all that gets me through some days!  I've suffered severe and ongoing depression and anxiety since the suicide death of my sister in June of 2004.  I do my best to get through but it is really hard some days.  

    My girls changed schools in 2008 and went to a school that specialises in Gifted education.  Raising Gifted kids is a challenge but they are well worth it.  They adored their school, really enjoyed finally being in a place where being smart was NORMAL and not the excuse for being bullied and harassed.  The work load was harder but far more interesting and engaging.  

    My older girl graduated High School in December of 2011 and has been studying Engineering at The University of Adelaide here in South Australia since early 2012.  She is LOVING her studies there, everything is telling her that she has made the right choice of a career in Robotics Engineering.  She has a  Distinction average and was invited to join the Golden Key International Honours Society as her grades were in the top 15% of her first year.  She has since graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours, and commenced a Masters degree in the same field in early 2016.  Her Masters supervisor is pressing her to consider continuing with a PhD (under his supervision) as he feels she would be absolutely at home in a research field.  She's still considering it, but wants to complete the Masters work first as that will be done in the middle of 2017.

    My younger daughter graduated high school December 2013.  She is studying a Bachelor of Science with the University of South Australia, also in Adelaide.  She is working on it 3/4 time as a minor disability affecting her legs often leaves her in pain and with difficulty in concentration.  It will take longer but I have no doubts she will graduate.

     They are also active in Scouting (in troop with both male and female members) which is great for them socially.  They are both in Rovers, adult Scouts aged 18 - 26 years.  They have really enjoyed Scouting over the years and plan to stay with it as long as possible  They got involved in Scouting in 2004.