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    AzariahsMother wrote at 3:05 PM on Jan. 31 , 2014


    Hey -

    Thought you might want to join in some fun with moms who love Pinterest

    daydreamer3 wrote at 12:42 PM on Dec. 3 , 2013


    இ fαℓℓєи αиgєℓѕ இ

    looĸιng ғor a place тo вe yoυrѕelғ?

    venт? collecт ѕιggιeѕ? geт advιѕe? gιve advιѕe? play gaмeѕ?

    dιѕcυѕѕ тнe weaтнer, polιтιcѕ, or yoυr ѕpoυѕeѕ мoѕт recenт annoyιng epιѕode?

    joιn υѕ, and ѕee wнaт yoυ've вeen мιѕѕιng!

    thєrє ís nσ thєmє tσ thє fαllєn.

    cσmє αs чσu αrє sєє чα σn thє grσund.

    Lionpaw wrote at 3:58 PM on Oct. 30 , 2013


    (")_(") Just wanted to say Hi from the "Kiss Me" Baking/Holiday/Sales group!!! Are you ready for the holidays? Learn and share tips on earning extra holiday cash or finding great sales, making unique dishes, or anything else holiday and party related!

    Kiss me! : I'm the Cook!

    HaveFaith1215 wrote at 1:23 AM on Sep. 10 , 2013


    ☆~☆ SHAMELESS☆~☆

    Are you a woman who wants to
    Be able to speak your mind freely
    On any topic? Jokes, Politics, Pillow Talk
    Mommy advice, siggies, debates, and more!
    Come be yourself with a group of ladies
    Who will appreciate you for it!

    disastermind wrote at 12:42 PM on Sep. 3 , 2013


    Do you make cleaning lists? Do you love to check things off your cleaning lists? If so, you should join Cleaning log!

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    Top 10 Things About Alice:

    1.  I have been married to Daniel since 2002.

    2.  We have 2 daughters.

    3.  Marie was born October 2003.

    4.  Madison was born March 2007.

    5.  I am a proud SAHM.

    6.  I am a fan of many types of music.

    7.  I love to read (in my little bit of spare time).

    8.  My favorite color is and probably always will be purple.

    9.  Bad for me as it may be, I love pizza.

    10. I love my family and wouldn't trade my life for anything else.