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    BL2010 wrote at 8:45 AM on Sep. 22 , 2015


    (¯`v(¸.´ Missing you...We noticed ¯)
    `v´¯) **you have not been in ** +.´
    ¯`·….**·lately. Please come back
    v´¯)+**.and Visit us Soon!!! ·.·´¯)
    .•´ .•´ 40ish and beyond!¸¸.•¨¯
    ¸¸.•¨¯`♥¯♥♥♥(¸.•´ (¸.•´ •¨¯`♥

    LadyHawk70 wrote at 8:45 PM on Sep. 16 , 2015


    ☁✬Join Rockin Siggies✬☁
    We aim to bring great designs that bring great joy to our members. We are currently looking for designers that can have one tag up per week and you will be rewarded with two Pics For Designs tubes per month! It’s a win, win!
    ┊  ┊  ┊  ┊
    ┊  ┊  ┊  ★
    ┊  ┊  ☆

    ButterflyRose55 wrote at 11:52 PM on Aug. 24 , 2015


    Have a good week
    Caroline SS&MS

    SisSherry wrote at 3:06 PM on Aug. 21 , 2015


    Hi !Just Got Back from vacation 1 day ago... Hugs' Sis

    no1coachmom wrote at 6:33 PM on Jul. 25 , 2015


    Hello Dear Lady:
    Hope your Saturday is going great.
    Have a wonderful day my dear
    dear sweet friend. (((Hugs))).


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  • What's Your Inner Music I can't believe this was accurate?

  • BUTTERFLIES & FLOWERS an ode to my Grandpaw

    Butterfly was the nickname my grandfather gave me, and would look at me as if to think I was as pretty as a flower.  Perhaps he saw something in me that only exists in butterflies and flowers.

    I love butterflies and flowersthey are so much like me. They are colorful with an array of sun enhanced allure. They are whimsical and delightfully unique.  They are as pleasant as the tickle of a gentle breeze. They surprisingly bring cheer to whomever they'd please.

    I will cherish the memory of my Grandpaw looking down at me with his bluegray eyes smiling as he'd say to me "hello butterfly."



  • Summer Holidays-4th of July in Las Vegas

  • MommyCuz's Mother's Day Wish Basket

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    My Mother's Day Wish:

    To be able to talk to each of my children as well as my mother.
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    I can usually keep up with the laundry. But it's so much better when you have some help folding it.
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    Missy with a Mission

    You have an organized approach to shopping. You take your time to assemble your plan of attack which includes creating a list of people, places, things and a gift budget. You often do a bit of pre-shopping online prior to hitting the stores and can usually tick off all the names off your list in about a day since you know exactly what you wants to buy.

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    I'm the commissioner of a Women's Fantasy Football League called Pretty Women Fantasy Football. It's a lot of fun. There are 16 women in the league and next year it will increase by 4 or so. Let me know if you're interested in being one of them, we'd love to have you join in on the fun. It doesn't cost you anything but a little time to participate and you can still win great prizes.

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  • Don't we just LOVE shoes!



    I did not have three thousand pairs of shoes, I had one thousand and sixty -- Imelda Marcos

    A woman can carry a bag, but it's the shoe that carries the woman -- Christian Louboutin


    Give a girl the right pair of shoes and she can conquer the world -- Marilyn Monroe

    Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life -- unknown

     dont forget your WILD side

    I know if I had been Dorothy with those pretty red slippers, the last place I would have been trying to go was home! (But then again, she didn't go straight home either)

    Wear high heels to your mammogram appointment.

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    My lovely daughter.

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    Don't you wish you were on Vacation

    by MommyCuz posted at 6:25 PM on Apr. 23 , 2012


    Spring Poems

    by MommyCuz posted at 2:58 AM on Apr. 18 , 2012


    I love siggys

    by MommyCuz posted at 1:30 AM on Apr. 18 , 2012


    Please add to The Spring Flower Collection with me

    by MommyCuz posted at 1:09 AM on Apr. 18 , 2012


    Airplane Train or Car, See the USA Wherever You Are

    by MommyCuz posted at 1:05 PM on Oct. 7 , 2011

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  • She did it!

    Congratulations went out to Bree Janai

    June, 2009
    I t is reported that Bree Janai Andrea Rutherford graduated from high school this month. She attended the same high school for all four years before finishing the required curriculum to receive a diploma. She is the oldest of two grandchildren and made a lot of people proud of her. While she arrived to the graduation ceremony in a vehicle, it was not the one pictured here.

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  • Please see my Journal Post: Wish you were on Vacation

    Here are a series of wonderful vacation spots

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