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    Connor 9 years old
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    I'm 30 years old even though i know i don't look it! 

    I've been married 7 years and our son is 6. (found out right after the wedding I had apparantly been 1 week pregnant when we jumped the broom)

    Our family is Pagan (NOT Christian)

    I like anime, comics, and art and table top gaming (D+D for example). 

    I have a BA in Graphic Design and Studio Art. 

    I attend at least one convention a year and dress up.  I attend the Renaissance Faire and dress up.  I LOVE making costumes and props and do take commissions. 

    I'm a stay at home mom. 

    I've been fighting trying to get disability for a few years now since I suffer from chronic pain in my left foot and ankle due to an injury in a car accident I was a passenger in. (there are days I can't walk at all it's so bad)

    I have few friends.  I mean ACTUAL friends.  I find it hard to trust people and have a "short list" of those i care deeply about and would go out of my way to do anything I could for them. Only one of these friends is female.

    I believe in feminism, not feminaziism and cannot abide men bashing just because they're men (serious bashing, not joking bashing, I support everyone's right to jokingly bash)

    I support a woman's right to chose, and everyone's right to have their own opinin on it.  I DO NOT support name calling and slander just because someone thinks different than you. 

    I support sexuality (of any orientation) and sexual education.  I have done extensive resarch into sexuality and sex and am happy to answer weird qustions, embarassing questions, without bias. 



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    Cafe Robin wrote at 2:00 PM on Aug. 8 , 2014

    Cafe Robin

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