Mother of 2 kid(s)
Location: New Hampshire
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"Prayers and thoughts for my Dad. He goes into surgery in a half hour to work on his spine."
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    Some tidbits about me!

    I am a mom of two children.

    I have been married to my hubby since 2000.

    I  homeschooled my children for  5 years. My daughter was homeschooled all through middle school and is now in a wonderful highschool. My son went to school in the fourth grade.

    I love to quilt, do cross stitch, and read (romance and fantasy are my favorites).

    I am a big gamer and love playing World of Warcraft.

    I love to watch tv. Trueblood, CSI, Dr. Who, Eureka, House, Stargate Atlantis, ER, Robin Hood, Torchwood, Once Upon a Time and Game of Thrones are my favorite shows.

    I am a pagan and no you can not do anything to change me back to a Christian. I have no problems with anyone elses choice of beliefs and neither should you have problems with mine.

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    • Matthew Matthew 17 years old

      My little military man.

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