Mom to a very cute 4 year old pain in my butt and a very handsome little man born in Mar '10. I'm a
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    I now have two really freaking cute kids.  Ireland is 3 and Lincoln is 4 months.  Ireland isn't quite the Little Momma I'd thought she be..."Mom, Lincoln is crying.  Can you turn up the TV?"

    I'm married to the perfect man for me.

    I'm now a SAHM!  I think we can afford to do this and not lose the house...

    I nursed until the peanut was just 3 months.  My  frustration with pumping and working along with ignorance led me to believe that my fussy infant rejected me.  I quit.  But I'm going strong with my Little Man and I plan on self-weaning.

    I was a nursing nazi until reality hit.

    I'm lazy.

    I'm a fundamental atheist.

    I'm a skeptic about most things, especially supernatural things. I don't believe in ghosts, I think psychics at the least are deluded and at most blood sucking ass-monkeys who make money off of grieving families. I don't believe in "energies" or "auras". I think feng shui is silly, but if it makes you happy, whatever. Pressing on certain parts of your foot to try to cure things is complete non-sense. Try to be sure that you're not paying someone for a placebo.

    I will NEVER visit a chiropractor.

    I'm a pro-vax momma.

    I'm a non-spanker.

    My son has ALL his nature given parts.

    I'm a liberal libertarian (yes we can exist).

    I'm not afraid of getting dirty.

    I love chocolate, seafood and especially sushi!!

    I watch too much TV.

    Visit to get yourself un-woo-woo-ifed. Visit if you're unsure about a medical "treatment".

    If water has a memory, than homeopathy is full of shit.

    The only consequence of truth is liberation.

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    • Girl Georgia Mae 7 years old
    • Lincoln Lincoln 8 years old
    • Ireland Ireland 11 years old

      My wonderful, cute, pain in...

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