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    top 10 things i love husband kids german shepard doberman black cat


    7.water (lake,ocean,creek,pool...not picky)

    8.sleep!! (though i haven't done that in awhile, like 12 years)

    9.sweet tea

    10.Sundays (only day of the week I get to see #1)

    top 10 things i hate

    1.rude/bad drivers & cops who give out speeding tickets

    2.when kids throw up

    3.when dogs/cats throw up

    4.when people are mean to each other

    5.when people that know me talk to me and i can't remember where i know them from or their name and i'm too embarassed to ask who don't pay child support

    7.going to the dentist



    10.when i'm too hot/cold

    I think cafe mom is great and I'm hear to make friends, hear about how other people parent their kids and vent about motherhood. Have a nice day!

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