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    EvrybodysFriend wrote at 11:05 PM on Nov. 24 , 2013


    Lol yeah I don't blame you! :D

    EvrybodysFriend wrote at 12:58 PM on Nov. 24 , 2013


    Sweet! Yeah, I am due on the 7th and am dilated some and effaced some but I am not holding my breath lol. I am 38 weeks right now but something tells me this little boy is going to stay in as long as he can lol. I am okay with that though lol.

    EvrybodysFriend wrote at 12:51 PM on Nov. 24 , 2013


    Ooohh got ya! It looks awesome though :) I have never loom knitted before but I want to. I am learning knitting right now but have been crocheting for about 3 years or so. There are a few ladies in there who do both knitting and crochet and many ladies who can help you and answer questions :)

    EvrybodysFriend wrote at 9:22 AM on Nov. 24 , 2013


    Hey! Glad to see you joined us! I thought the hat I saw was crochet but I was on my phone...was I wrong? Is it knitted? Anywho, welcome to the group!!

    lynnsl wrote at 4:11 PM on Jul. 28 , 2013


    Happy Birthday~

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