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    I worked since I was 14 years old.  Married when I was 18.  Had my first child when I was 21 and my second when I was 23.  Was married for 12 years before my husband and I divorced in 1989.  I remarried in 1993 to my wonderful husband, Terry.  I have two beautiful daughters, Lyndse and Bailey, who are grown and doing great!  Lyndse lives in Eugene, Oregon, and Bailey lived in Mesa, Arizona, but just recently returned home to live in Toledo.  Lyndse isn't married yet, but Bailey and Curtis are, and we are expecting our first grandbaby the end of January 2009.  In 2002, I suffered a severe heart attack, actually died twice and was revived. I had never had any heart problems before in my life and everyone who knew me was completely in shock.  The nurses in the hospital said I had at least 50 friends and family members, even my boss, in the waiting room sitting and praying for me.  I underwent emergency heart surgery, 5 bypasses.  Returned to work 4 weeks later (when I should have waited much longer), but never could seem to get back on my feet.  In 2006 I had another heart attack and had a stent placed in an artery.  After 3 more hospitalizations, my doctors and I decided it was time for me to stop working--the stress was just too much for me to handle.  So now I'm disabled.  I waited three years for my  my Social Security Disability to be approved and we went through some really tough times financially, so I completely understand what people in need are going through. Now I've found a new purpose, after raising kids and working.  I realize I'm not the same person I was before I got sick.  I've accepted my limitations, but now I know I what I'm still here for, what I can accomplish.  So, I've dedicated myself to helping those in need, helping them get through the tough times, providing emotional support and finding help for them.  Together with my very dear friend, Leigh, we have created a website, LINKS OF LOVE.  The Organization provides assistance to those in need, information, education, emotional support and just about everything else we can help with, from where to get food, to people who will do yard work or light housekeeping.  My own experience has made me realize that there isn't much information out there for people who are experiencing difficult times due to illness and disability, or unemployment.  I was a paralegal for 25 years, so I also try to help people who need some legal information.  I am Group Owner of MOMS IN NEED here on CafeMom, which precipitated the LINKS OF LOVE website and is now our sister group.  We also have a LINKS OF LOVE Group on CafeMom as well as THE ONLINE DRIVE, which is our Group here on CafeMom for Members here to donate items to us.  I love home decorating, sewing, crafts, gardening, cooking and baking, thrift shops, junk shops, flea markets, and garage sales, music, working on the computer.  I'm just so happy to be alive and be able to enjoy meeting people and making all the new friends I have here on CafeMom.  I feel God saved me because he had a purpose for me--to continue my life in love and in service to those who need guidance and a helping hand. I am so grateful!  I love helping and have devoted myself to spreading the word, that together we can make a difference in the lives of others!

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    Hi sweetie, I wanted to see if you would like to join our 40's & up group? This group is for anyone that is interested in making new friends. We want to offer a place where you can come in and just be ourselves and make some new friendships and share stories about our families and if you have grandkids we would love to hear about them too.We also offer prayer,siggies,photo editing. I'm sending you an email, just click on the tag with our group name and it will take you there. Huggies..Linda

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