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"So Went to the doctor today. And she said I'm 2cm and 30%.. What in the world does that mean???? ..."
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    So Went to the doctor today. And she said I'm 2cm and 30%.. What in the world does that mean???? Does that mean baby is coming soon???
    Wednesday at 5:23 AM
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      LivinDeadGurl It means you are 2cm dilated and your cervix has thinned out 30%. You can sit at that for a while, but it does mean your body is starting to get ready for baby. Yesterday at 8:30 PM
    Ugh i feel so tired and overwhelmed.. Can't wait for this baby to be here..
    Tuesday at 1:36 AM
    I so ain't getting a break first it was my 2 year old running a temp now it's my 9 month old the 9 month old got took up to the hospital and admitted on Friday.... cause her temp was 103.4 and they didn't know what was wrong with her down here. But she got out today, But she's still not doing so well.. Hoping she's gets better... Soon it sucked seeing her in the hospital
    Sunday at 7:07 PM
    Aww man My poor little women Bean is sick.. She was running a temp of 103.2 So i took her in to the E.R... I wish i could be sick for her, Gonna head to bed Well i still can.. Nite everyone God bless!
    July 15 at 5:27 AM
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      NativeMommy14 Yeah she does they gave her a shot Must of knocked it right out of her cause she was feeling better today. She has a UTI July 16 at 12:55 AM
    • Report NatureGal82
      NatureGal82 Oh no!! I am sorry to hear that,I hope your little girl is going to be OK,were they able to help her at the ER ? July 17 at 6:34 PM
    had a good time taking quizzes on the internet with the little Niece.... Love that little girl to death...
    July 14 at 2:28 AM
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