I'm a mom to three kids who are my world!
Location: Summerville
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"Loving the cooler weather!"
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    • Girl Bethany 5 years old

      She is a little doll. She...

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      His name is Timothy-Tyler,...

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    What's up y'all? I'm April. I am 31 years old from Georgia. I am married to an awesome man and we have 3 of the best kids. I love doing crafts, sewing, painting, and baking. I grow up Southern Baptist and still attend a Baptist church. My dh grow up in a pastors home. If you want to know just ask.
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    McKenzy's First Tooth

    Oct. 29, 2008
    A fter months of drool-soaked bibs, McKenzy's first tooth was spotted on Oct. 29, 2008 poking through the gum. Mom is excited about the new pearly white, but knows this is just the start of many months of fussy teething. One down, 19 to go! It's gonna be hard on both of us!

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