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    I'm an anime addict. They're like what happens when cartoons and soap's make babies.

    I'm an animal lover. Don't confuse me with PETA though.

    I'm a poet, so I'll be famous once I've been dead a few years. Go me!

    I <3 my babies more then anything and can be a pretty fierce mother.

    I'm normally mellow.

    I love pointing out when I think something is stupid.

    There are very few things I consider stupid, it's a very exclusive list.

    Where I stand on the controversial issues and why:

    Circumcision is the big one for me. There's no reason to do it and it hurts your poor babies. If you honestly believe that looking like daddy and not being made fun of are important reasons to have cosmetic surgery then you would also be fully willing to get a boob job done on your daughter. If you're not willing to do that then you don't believe your own words. (this does exclude religious reasons)

    Spanking is necessary sometimes. I think if spanking is effective for your child, you will not have to do it very often because they would learn from it.

    Crying it out is okay with me as long as you know what it is. If you just hear the name and use it as an excuse to let your child scream then you suck.

    I'm pro choice because I don't want a baby killed after birth. I'd rather it be over quickly then the poor thing freeze to death in a dumpster somewhere, or drowned in a toilet.

    I actually understand that other moms have different views and feel just as passionately about theirs as I do about mine.

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