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    creationsbydede wrote at 11:12 PM on Sep. 6 , 2007


    We had the paternity test done, and it was pretty simple, and really not that expensive.

    sherriet wrote at 7:00 AM on Sep. 5 , 2007


    Hi & hugs! Hope all is ok with you.

    raven8079 wrote at 8:03 PM on Sep. 1 , 2007


    Happy Labor Day!!! I hope it's a great one!!! Just wanted to let you know I was thinking about ya!!!!

    chosen_of_god wrote at 11:37 PM on Aug. 22 , 2007


    i saw that u said u gave ur babies cereal in a bottle when they were a few weeks old. my son is 6 weeks. i'm considering giving him cereal in his bottle. i'm in college and the boy just will not sleep thru the night! would u recommend that i do this? i jus wanna ask opinion from someone who has actually done it w?a young baby. everyone is always saying don't do something they haven't even tried! sorry to bust all up on ur chatterbox with this long message, lol! any help would be appreciated : )

    ajahfords wrote at 10:24 AM on Aug. 19 , 2007


    Hey lady! How are you? Hope all is good.
    Take care!

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