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"It was a perfect weekend."
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    I’m a mom and a wife and a girl and sometimes a lady.  I was born in 1976.  I have a fondness for all things 80s and have just started the gentle slide in to “the middle years.”

    My oldest daughter was born in 2005.  I am raising a tiny version of myself and it is every bit as trying as you’d think.   But she is rad.  She is way funnier than you or me or your funniest friend.  This is saying a lot.  Because I find myself highly amusing.

    My husband was born in 1983.  He has one more year to be my trophy husband, sitting back and relying on his youth and good looks and then will be the big 3-0.

    I fell in love with a boy in a vulgar t-shirt drinking PBR and he became a man in a suit who owns a house before my very eyes. When he thinks something is really out of this world great he says it is “good.”  So when I say he is “good” I mean he blows my mind every day.

    Our little Lucy was born in January of 2012.  She reminds me every day that life is short.  And joyous.  And filled with poop and vomit and somehow it is beautiful.

    We have a pretty good time in my family.  We laugh a lot.  We cry and yell and laugh some more.

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    It was a perfect weekend.
    September 23, 2012 at 12:54 PM
    Blue Moon

    Once in a blue moon Lucy falls asleep on the way out to dinner and actually stays asleep long enough for me to have a drink. Even less often than that she sleeps so long that I am able to & ...

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