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    Nikki0807 wrote at 10:10 AM on Jun. 11 , 2008


    Hola. Not working anymore you are so lucky. I would love to be home with my boys. Yes we need to get together and have a playdate with the boys. I don't know to many PR's here but it's good to keep in touch with the ones you know or meet. How are the boys? What are the ages?

    P.R.Barbie wrote at 12:43 AM on Jun. 10 , 2008


    I'm back. No more work for me except at home. Hopefully I will have a little time to keep up with everybody now.

    Nikki0807 wrote at 7:26 PM on Feb. 26 , 2008


    Wow thats good. I can't wait to go in Sept 08. I really miss my aunts and cousin. How do you like the area? The right now really sucks.

    Nikki0807 wrote at 11:39 PM on Feb. 9 , 2008


    I totally understand how you feel missing your husband. I am really missing mines. My husband return home on Friday. I am really hoping this week will go fast. I also notice you are from Puerto Rico. My family is from Ponce, PR. I was born in raise in NY. How do you live VA? How long have you been in the area?

    P.R.Barbie wrote at 2:21 PM on Feb. 3 , 2008


    I got me a job in Manassas. I start on Feb 12. I'm suffering from separation anxiety from being with my little one for almost a whole year. He's doing better than me, figures. But this job offer was really good to pass. I've been sick for 4 days now and my husband is been gone TDY for one week and instead of returning home today he was extended and from there he's going to another place until Friday. It seems that whenit rais it really pours. I just needed to rant!

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