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    Being a mom means:

    • As long as my kid looks good, I don’t have to feel bad about not always looking my best.
    • “Me time” sometimes means hiding in the bathroom
    • Knowing you are a role model 
    • Being overprotective. It’s something genetic. 
    • Being home by 9 p.m., even on the weekends
    • Date night is dinner and a movie at home while the kids are with the grandparents
    • Getting mad that your husband doesn’t get upset about the same things you do. 
    • Being willing to be disliked by your kids 
    • looking forward to nap time and dreading the day they’re told old to take one
    • being a teacher, doctor, cook, maid, dictionary, disciplinarian, counselor, friend, organizer, entertainer, storyteller, defender, encourager, and being a mind-reader helps.
    • it’s OK to let your kids eat McDonald’s and watch more than 20 minutes of TV every now and then because we all need a break
    • developing “the look” that will stop misbehavior in its tracks 
    • trying to tell your child — in a motherly, kind, and loving way — they look like a weirdo 
    • you have to develop nerves of steel. Between kids who feel abused when punished and adults who try to “help” you parent, you learn to not get so worked up about it….eventually.
    • wearing jeans because you bathed your kid last night instead of shaving
    • being the only one who can decipher what your 18-month-old means when he says, “Lwiearngsladaphieghtaeij” 
    • recognizing when a misbehaving child is simply tired and hungry 

    These are the most important and they are all borrowed and says that being a GODLY mom means:

    • recognizing that your children are a gift from God and treating them as such
    • making time for your husband
    • encouraging your children to be noble
    • reading the Scriptures every morning
    • being consistent
    • silently thanking God for the piles of dirty laundry and all the toys lying on the kitchen floor
    • you’re happiest when you’re surround by your family
    • cultivating compassion in your child by being compassionate yourself
    • never giving up
    • knowing childhood ends but motherhood never does

    I hope you enjoyed this unorthodox post. Feel free to post your own ideas of what being a mom means.

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