3 amazing psychopaths, and all the children in the world who need a mommy
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    I'm me doodle doodle dee

    i like nerdy stuff. i rock. i like rock. i like metal too. i have a lot of metal. some of it is in me. i have many tattoos. i'm married. i have 3 sons and 1 daughter.

    i like to draw. and some other stuff.

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  • My Pets

    • Dog Vash

      Vash is a chow-rott mix and he is smart as can be!

    • Cat Xeros

      Xeros is snooty and snobbish and my absolute fave!

    • Cat Scythe

      Scythe isn't very bright but he is very cuddly

    • Turtle Dante

      Dante is my oldest pet! Got her when I was 18.

    • Turtle Kain

      Kain is the middle child of my turtles

    • Turtle Auron

      Auron is my youngest turtle

    • Fish Kikaider

      My betta

    • Other Reptile Nail

      an oriental fire bellied toad

    • Other Reptile Dende

      another oriental fire bellied toad

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