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  • A Little About Me...

    So there is a brief intro of myself in the above video :)  Here is a little more of my background and how I ended up where I am today...

    I graduated in 2005 with my Dental Hygiene degree and 3 months after I graduated my hubby and I found ourselves pregnant.  So no permanent job there; I try to sub at different offices a few times a month just for some extra income.  Hygiene is GREAT pay and it is worth taking the day to work - That is only if Grand-Ma-Ma or Nema can watch my little girl :). 

    So in my quest to do something while I was at home I found a few home based businesses that I tried and with two I was successful at.  But I started learning about blogging and personal branding and realized that I wanted to do something even bigger with a home passion grew immensely and I needed a home business that would keep up with it!

    So I started building my blog to help inspire and empower those that visit to ROCK their home business with Modern Marketing tactics that work!  That's right, no more spamming lol!

    So through my blog I've been able to help so many people see that there is a greater and more fun way to market your business, and see more quailty and more leads coming in every day!

    If you find any of my posts here on CafeMom or on my Blog helpful in any way, please leave a comment or share with your FaceBook and Twitter friends!  I appreciate you very much!!

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