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"Any RC Moms that have a child, age birth to 5 y..."


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    Rutherford County Moms Group!!




    You are invited to join us...
    Rutherford County TN Moms Group is a brand new moms group that started January 2012 and is looking for you! We original started on cafemom and expanded to facebook, twitter and our own website. You can...
    Join other moms online to discuss issues and opinions, exchange meal ideas, get weight loss support, meet new friends, learn about local events, market your business, set up playdates and MNO, win prizes and MUCH more! Click like!
    Whether you are a republican, democrat or independent... a tree hugger or lumberjack... Married or single... working or matter your background or religion... ALL are welcomed. Please fill in the contact form (see note) to put your email/ name on the list for our monthly newsletters. Must be a member of cafemom or on email list to get the locations of events. Like, follow and join us at all locations to get the most out of the group. Look forward to talking with you soon!


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    Any RC Moms that have a child, age birth to 5 years, and would like to try out a Music with Mommie class this Thursday - May 17th. Please check it out and sign up by Monday. (can attend if sign up past monday but need certain numbers so that do not have to cancel it- by monday)
    May 11, 2012 at 10:50 PM
    Check out my group:
    March 15, 2012 at 8:06 PM
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    Owner: Hendrickson

    Hi all! I am the one they call "Hendrickson". I am actually new to the Rutherford County Area and when going to other groups to meet local moms... I saw a lot of "Anyone still here?" and no response post. So I thought--- I shall make a group and make it fun. A place that all moms in the area can come to enjoy themslves and meet other moms.

    I am married to a wonderful man; Our anniversary is in April. He works a lot and I consider myself a stay-at-home mom (sahm) even though I work part-time at a church (but is 8 hrs a week realllly working?!). I went to MTSU for pre-law but instead of making my way to law school, I fell in love with the job that I had: 911 dispatcher. I have learned over the years that no one, and I do mean no one, understands or knows what all that detail... so if you are curious--- ask me! I also worked as a preschool lead teacher and director then owned my own prior to moving and coming into my current SAHM status.

    We have one brilliant and beautiful daughter, Isabelle JAde. She is 3 y/o but will be 4 in April. I had a horror story of "birth story" which is another story. If you wanna talk to me go to my page and/or add me!  Hope to see and talk to everyone in the group!




    Part-Time Admin: XandJsMommy

    (XandJsmommy bio "under construction" )


    Other Administrators: Needed. PLease Apply!

     I am asking for assistance to get this group up and running. I need some group administrators. If you would be interested in one of the following positions... I would  appreciate it. Reply here and/or msg me personally. It is very important that I find members that are willing to help run the group, in order to make it successful.

    Your job is to keep in touch with members and if you notice a journal or question on their profile that would work here... Msg them and remind them that this group would be a good place to post as well. 
    Bulletin out reminders and links to awesome post or upcoming events.make weekly post on group and promote others likewise. Keep up with new recruitment and events add to and help with it. Do what you need to get new post and activity in group without being overbearing.

    your job is to frequently search for new cafemom members from our area, in the mom search. then wall post them with an invite to join our group. Also you will have to journal post, ambassador post, and use the recruiting admin tools very often to continuously add post for people to see in the specific areas. if you run across an old member of CM fm our area that isnt a member, you are to wall post an invite to them too.

    your job is to keep Rutherford County and middle tn events current. You will have to keep and watch for local events or even research for them. Frequently visit Rutherford parent, library, various churches, parks and other websites. Then compose all the event info for this site

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  • Give me your email!

    Join the cafemom group HERE but also give me your email---

    I would like to send everyone something in the mail to say "thank you for joining our online group". The address book is private and can only be viewed by owner via password and information is not shared. It would also be nice to send monthly special event updates and other things via email and snail mail also.
    If you ever stop using one of our sources (cafemom**, facebook, our website or twitter then straight email communication would still be a great way to keep in touch!)
    Just click below and enter info! If I will not let you click on it then copy and paste the url in another tab/window. Thanks bunches!
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    XandJsMommy wrote at 11:13 PM on Mar. 17 , 2012


    I'm working on my bio... promise; ) Just busy!

    RutherfdTNmoms wrote at 11:19 AM on Mar. 17 , 2012


    when I called bounceU this morning, "jeremy" said that there were no open bounces just booked parties... No "wear green. St patty day bounce fm 830 to 10" & he doesn't know why rutherford parent says that... Perhaps I misread (i can't find the magazine at the moment).

    Cafe Robin wrote at 8:02 PM on Mar. 15 , 2012

    Cafe Robin

    Hi! Welcome to CafeMom!
    Please join us in the 20 Something Moms group. It's a really great place to get started here and meet other moms like you.
    I hope to see you there!

  • Our Prizes!! (as of 3/15/12)

    If you are a middle Tennessee Mom --- Come by the group to win prizes!

    So far...

    March/April Prize:

    You can either win a iTunes gift card or a mystery prize... your choice.
    Will you be the winner next month?????
    Rutherford County (TN) Moms    Arbor Day Contest
    Have you signed up to be entered in the arbor day give away/contest?? If not, time is running out! Go find that post! This is what you could win: Specialty Coffee
    Our award-winning, shade-grown coffee is coffee with a conscience. Organically grown under the canopy of the rain forest, each cup you drink preserves one of our most precious resources and ensures indigenous farmers a fair wage, access to... healthcare and education.
    Arbor Day Specialty Coffee is Fair Trade® certified, which assures our coffee bean growers are paid above average wages and their children are kept out of the coffee fields. Because of this, many co-op farming communities are now providing scholarships for the brightest students, whereas before many of these children had to work on the coffee farms to simply ensure their family could make a decent living.
    Arbor Day Coffee is grown without harmful pesticides and chemicals on the coffee beans. This process keeps local water supplies free of contamination and prevents potential harm to the farmers. By choosing Arbor Day Coffee you're providing social and environmental benefits to our world and its citizens.
    Arbor Day Specialty Coffee is made from certified shade grown coffee beans that thrive underneath the rain forest canopy. Unlike typical coffee shade grown beans grow in harmony with the rest of the rain forest, thus saving an entire eco-system including plant life, trees, birds, insects, and mammals.
    See More
    Rutherford County (TN) Moms     MS Awareness Month - Giveaway
    March is MS Awareness Month & you can win this tote by reading then spreading the word. People are coming together to share, educate and build awareness about what MS means to them. Together, we are a powerful movement, working to create a world free of MS. Share, connect and raise awareness. See cafemom group pf links or google Multiple Sclerosis symptoms and facts. Then share this post with other. After you are done... type "enter me" to have your name in the drawing for the tote bag.
    Group T-Shirts: several lucky moms got this shirt for FREE by filling in their emails when asked this Febrauary/March. If you didnt do it in time to get your shirt free --- You can still order it. Check with me at my EMAIL before you order to varify that price has not changed.
    Group shirts need to be ordered ASAP! $6.00, $8.00 or $9.50. Details and order info is in the newsletter. If you did not get the newsletter... tell me!
    Tonight is March's online "meet and greet". Log on at 9pm Friday March 9th to chat and meet all the mom's at the same time. If date, time or form is an issue... let me know! Right now we are using cafemom chat but open to suggestions.
    Let's play a game for Women's History Month!! Starting with A and ending with Z, each member take turns naming a famous FEMALE from history with a short bio next to her name. To see more about the game or play in both places, click here:
     So it's women's history month. It celebration of that.... LET"S PLAY A GAME!!! Here is the game--- (go to the group!)
    January/February Winner Won:
    Did you ever get to see what our Jan/Feb winner picked? She picked the mystery prize and get a tote, calendar planner and Dr. Seuss books on cd! Learn more about it in the cafemom group... and don't miss out on your chance to be the March/April winner!