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    Hello Cafemoms! 

    What do couples fight about most? Sex & Money of course! I can help you with BOTH! If you want more romance in your life, learn how below. If you want financial freedom, read on and learn why Cafemom's are choosing us as their home business of choice! 

    My name is Sandra Mejia, and I'm a proud mom and a Passion Parties Consultant. What is Passion Parties? See us on the"Today Show"here! Well, as Oprah Winfrey says, "Being a mom is the hardest job in the world", and most moms find that romance and intimacy often fall by the wayside...wouldn't you agree? Well, what I do is inform and educate moms through tasteful in-home parties where you have an opportunity to view romance products specifically created to enhance your relationship! Having a FREE Passion Party is a great way to spend a FUN evening with your friends! You'll laugh, play games, win prizes and I'll show you how you can spice up your love life! And you'll receive FREE gifts just for hosting a party! PLUS, enter to win $1000 shopping Spree! Experience the FUN and EXCITEMENT! Schedule your FREE Passion Party today! 


    I am currently looking for mom's to join my team! Join other moms working from home and loving it! With our support & training, working from home has never been easier. This is a flexible way to earn extra income or start a new career. We have part and full-time consultants, and those who work their business alongside another job. No prior experience is necessary, just a desire to succeed. Our team of women will help you reach your personal goals, whether it is to make some extra money or earn a six figure income! 

    Our consultants share a mission, an opportunity and a camaraderie that lasts a lifetime. Make new friends and enjoy the support of a growing network of professional women!

    To join or for free information:    Or call me directly at: (866)956-8464                                                  View my website at:

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    Passion Parties is the Top Romance Home Party Plan Company, and it is one of the quickest, easiest and most economical ways to own your business! Our informative Passion Parties create a unique environment for women, on that is fun, educational and confidential. Products are domonstrated through in-home educational parties by Passion Parties Consultants.

    • Startup Cost: As little as $100! No hidden fees. Earn it back at first party!
    • Free Website: You get your own free website included!
    • No Monthly Fees: No monthly fees
    • No Inventory: Unlike other companies,carrying inventory is not required
    • Drop Shipping: With drop shipping, your job's done when the party's over. Passion Parties ships directly to the Hostess & her guests for you.
    • Support and Ongoing Training: Working on a team of successful women, you are never alone and always have friends, and I am committed to supporting you every step of the way! Join a group of women who care.

    4 Ways To Earn Money: Parties, Residual Income, Bonuses! 

    1. Parties: You earn 40% of your retail sales. My average party's retail sales are $500-$1000. I keep 40%, which is $200-$400 per party in my pocket, the night of the party, for 2-3 hours of work!

      Here is an example of what you could earn just by doing parties:

      • 1 party a month = $200-$400
      • 2 parties a month = $400-$800
      • 3 parties a month = $600-$1200
      • 4 parties a month = $800-$1600
      • 8 parties a month = $1600-$3200 
    2. Bonus Checks: Earn bonus checks in addition to your party earnings when your retail sales reach $2000 or more per month! (That's only 2-4 parties) For $2000 in sales = $100 bonus check, $3000=$150, $4000=$300, $5000=$375, $6000=$600, $7000=$700, $8000=$800, $9000=$900, $10,000=$1000.
    3. Share The Business Opportunity With Others: Unlike other companies, sharing the business opportunity is optional. You can make good money just by doing parties. But if you want to make the "big bucks", then sharing the opportunity with others is the way to go! Building a team of enthusiastic and passionate women will reward you in ways that you may never have imagined. You will enjoy living the mission of women helping women. You will earn up to 5% of the retail sale from the women who join your team, three levels deep. We have consultants that earn an additional $100-$33,000 per month for sharing the opportunity! 
    4. Car and Home Bonus: As you grow your business, you are rewarded with a $400 per month car bonus. As you grow it even more, you are rewarded with a $1000 per month Home Award! 

    Getting started is simple and you can start immediately! I can sign you up by phone in as little as 5 minutes! Start your own Passion Parties business today! 

    For more information or to join right now:


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