3 Adults and 1Child (6 Grands)
Location: Henderson (suburb of Vegas)
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    Darn those mismatched socks, I guess I'll have to make more hand puppets! Happy hunting!
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  • Not An Invitation To MLM

    This Is Just Cool! Something forFREE!

    Thanks for coming by my page. I am a single mom and grandma. I taught in and directed preschool and afterschool programs for 30 years.

    Now I have written an e-book of some of the best educational activities for children under 7 that I have used over the years.

    They are cheap or free to do and loads of fun too!

    To introduce the book I am sending out one of the coolest activities for free. This one is fun for all ages.

    If you would like the FREE ACTIVITY it's available on my website

    You can also purchase the book there.

     $1 of the purchase price of the book goes to the Dwarf Athletic Association and $1 goes to the Special Olympics



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  • What One Mom Thinks Of The Free Activity

    Here's one Mom's feedback on the free activity:

    This activity is a great way to interact with your kids. Not only is it visually fascinating (it looks like liquid tie-dye or fireworks), but it's a good way teach your children about some properties of the physical world in such a way that they don't realize they're learning. My children and I thoroughly enjoyed this activity and are eagerly awaiting more.


  • Just The Tip Of The Iceberg

      My Goal is to be a single mom who gets to stay at home!

    I love helping people! I get, I think, more out of it than I put in.

    I am Mom to 3 adults and a 'tween, and Grandma to 6.

    I am a Friend of Bill W's.

    I am generally positive!

    I have a very strange sense of humor.

    I write, read, crochet, play with my daughter, spoil my pets, and love making new friends.

    God is good all the time.

    Housework is not my top priority.

    I think too much and talk too much.

    I'm not done growing.

    I love to learn!

    I can't wait to find out what happenes next!


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    cloversmom808 wrote at 9:34 AM on Jan. 19 , 2010


    hi im jen dont really know anyone on here its really nice to find ppl to talk to who know what your going through

    GoddessAdmin wrote at 11:38 AM on Sep. 24 , 2009


    Hi Nancy! Just wanted to stop in and let you know we're thinking of you. We're missing you. Hope things are well your way!

    Goddess ♥

    Valleylily wrote at 10:34 PM on May. 19 , 2009


    Hi, I haven't been online for a while so I haven't been able to drop you a line. I hope that you're having a great week!

    tiredxthree wrote at 1:46 PM on Apr. 24 , 2009


    Things are better now. It was hard for a few months but it has settled down now. Thank you for thinking of me. I really needed it, still do. Taking care of a dying person is hard on the heart. The bright spot of it is that the adoption was final the day my MIL died. Kind of poetic huh?

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    Dynamite Comes in Small Packages

    by Sendmorecoffee posted at 3:36 PM on Apr. 10 , 2009


    On Motherhood

    by Sendmorecoffee posted at 5:50 AM on Jul. 16 , 2008

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