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  • So this is all you need to know!!!

    I am 26, very happily married for 9 years, with one crazy, loving, wild, adorable 3 year old.I refuse to drive if someone else can do it for me.  I am not that kind of mom, you know the cleaning, cooking, laundry, playdate type. I have nothing against you, I just am not that kind of mom. I believe Life is too short to be pissed off all the time, and Kids grow up to fast to worry about the dishes, right now.


    I recently became a stay at home mom and it scares the hell out of me. I'm now (burning) baking and even making dinners on a regular basis. I do the whole zoo,musame, park thing but i refuse to do playdates.

    I have found a very good friend in a person that was an acquaintance for quite some time, we are now inseparable, and my husband says she has a girl crush, I think we needed each other, she's helping me learn to cook and I'm helping her relax.

    I want to get the hang of this sahm thing but happy hour keeps getting in the way.confused

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