Mom to three beautiful girls step-mom to 2 bratty teens LOL
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    CraftyMom80 wrote at 7:56 PM on Sep. 3 , 2011


    Have a great holiday weekend!

    MomsterLuv wrote at 7:28 PM on Jul. 10 , 2011


    I wanted to warn you My books have been redacted (all the nasty stuff was blacked out with a sharpie). There may be some inappropriate stuff in your book so be careful with that. The person who recommended it to me blacked it out for me but it was fine without that stuff because it wasn't relevant to the story.

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    What should people know about me? Well there are many aspects.I am a conservative Christian and I love AMERICA!!!  I love to watch Fox News and cheer for them when they show stuff the other networks won't.


    I love everything geeky from Sci-Fi to Ren Faires to EQ to Harry Potter. I am interested in the SCA and anything to do with the middle ages of England and Scotland. I love art. I draw, paint, sculpt, sew, knit, scrap and create everything and anything. I love to work in the garden, at least when its not the heat equivalent of the surface of the sun. I am married to the love of my life who I didn't find till  2004. I stay at home which gets very lonely so I am hoping to find some fun on here.

    10 Things you should know about me.

    1. I am a BORN AGAIN CHRISTIAN!! That means that I believe Jesus died on the cross for our sins and the ONLY way to Heaven is through Him.

    2. I am a Christian that LOVES Harry Potter, do I believe I am a witch NO CAUSE ITS NOT REAL! Its fantasy!!!!!

    3. I hate hypocrites!! And I really hate it when people quote the Bible but have no idea what they are talking about!

    4. I am a CONSERVATIVE!! I am Pro-Life and against gay-marriage! Pro- Gun rights and against amnesty.

    5. I believe that the Bible is to be taken 100%  literally ! When the Bible says that the Earth was created in 7 was seven literal days (24-hours).

    6.I am an open-minded Christian.

    7. I believe that everyone in this country has the right to believe anyway they want to and no one has the right to tell you that you can't have prayer etc.

    8. I believe in hating the sin...NOT the sinner!

    9 I hate when people call themselves Christians and then don't live that way!!

    10 I love America and I hate Hollywood and all their US bashing.


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