Mom to one daddy look-a-like little boy
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    I'm married to a wonderful man who is my best friend.  We've known eachother for 9 years and have been best friends for 5.  We found out we were expecting in November got married on January 26th 2008. 

    My husband is in the Army National Guard and is scheduled to be deployed in 2010.  I'm so proud of him. yellow ribbon

    On July 12th 2008 we had our little boy Parker Olen. 
    toddler boy
    Weighing in at 6 pounds 8 ounzes.  I started having labor pains on Thursday and finally delivered him on Sautrday July 12th.

    We are currently trying for baby number 2.ttc

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    Parker held his head up all by himself !

    October 2008
    S o all month long Parker has been doing so much better at tummy time ! He's gotten so he loves to be on his tummy and hold his head up. He no longer likes to be held like a baby he wants to be sat up. He can't sit up by himself yet but that's coming ! He can hold his head up all by himself now !!! Still not 100% yet but he's so close !! I'm so proud of my little bear !

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    Parker rolled over for the first time !!! TWICE !!

    October 16th 2008
    T oday my family and I were at my in law's house and I was on the floor with Parker on the rug and he and I were chatting and he started to roll towards the right. I was so excited so I started cheering him on. When he rolls over he puts his legs in the air and arches his back and he ended up ROLLING OVER !! I was so excited I couldn't contain it ! I started kissing him and praising him and he was smiling and laughing and it was great ! Of course his dad missed the whole thing because he was out getting gas for his car for his trip but as soon as he walked into the door I told him and he ran right over. So I put Parker back on his stomach to show daddy and this time he rolled over even faster than he had the first time ! I am so proud

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