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  • Location: St Louis Mo In A Big House
  • I Am A Mother To 1 Boy An 1 Girl
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  • Xzayla
    Xzayla 9 years old

    three words 2 explain mi...

  • Ja'khi
    Ja'khi 10 years old

    Ja'khi is a very active...

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    • Xzayla Xzayla 9 years old

      three words 2 explain mi...

    • Ja'khi Ja'khi 10 years old

      Ja'khi is a very active...

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    hey my name is tasha but everybody call me boo. I have 1 babyboy named ja'khi an i live with my babys daddy.  I'm Purto Rican an Black i was born in purto rico an live in st louis mo. My baby boy is Puerto Rican black an indian an was born may 18 2007. He looks jus like his daddy thats a shame. I luv my life an dont wonna change anything about pretty much a princess. i love life an i love all the adventures it takes me through..some of them might not be good but hey i learn my lesson the second time around! i love to smile thats all i do. an i love to laugh an also make people laugh. yea sometimes i can be a BIG bitch but i mean dats juss part of me ok so i run track,ive ben runnin since i was little an trust me i aint slow. but i mean ive made mistakes in my life an i kno im not perfect but ive got to fix most off them..well that the majority of it. if you wanna know more then juss message me k!one more person that is the love of my thats marquez omg me and him have ben through so much shit he knows my whole life n i pretty much kno his..i dont even kno were to start with him he means the world to me. he has always ben there for me. when i cry he holds me n tells me everything is ok. he juss texts me n tells me he loves me for no reason.! i mean he isnt perfect but who is..but honestly he is oh so perfect in my eyes! i really love him with all my heart!he is the perfect guy for me an always will be!there is just to much to say about him but that i love him!well thats me im done for real now!:-)
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    Artistachica wrote at 4:33 PM on Jan. 14 , 2010


    Hi, I'm Triva and I will like to thank you for joining the BABIES group! I hope you can stop by and introduce yourself. We have contests and games that we would love for you to play!! TC and have a wonderful day! =)

    Nika87 wrote at 7:57 AM on Mar. 28 , 2008


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    mlibucki wrote at 5:04 PM on Mar. 24 , 2008


    Thanks for wanting to add me as a friend!!

    SO-SINCERE wrote at 12:27 AM on Dec. 24 , 2007


    you are so cute and your little man is adorable

    Brookey wrote at 10:00 PM on Dec. 23 , 2007


    your so pretty :)

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