Mother of a lil crazy autistic 2 year old boy.
Location: IA
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"got my disability hearing this morning.. nervous as all heck, scared and panicing, I don't do wel..."

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    going on vacation in the summer

    by TwistedMalice posted at 11:06 PM on Mar. 9 , 2012


    having a hard time grieving

    by TwistedMalice posted at 4:41 PM on Jun. 5 , 2009


    Loss of my unborn

    by TwistedMalice posted at 10:36 PM on Aug. 28 , 2008


    insomnia, nothing knew

    by TwistedMalice posted at 6:31 AM on Jul. 28 , 2008

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    Ok so I have no idea what I should say, so I will opts for the top 20 list.. sounds like a good plan to me.

    20 things about me

      1. I'm redheaded and stubborn as a bull

      2. Im strong willed and continue to push forward no matter the cost

      3. Im a fighter.

      4. Im social at times im like a light switch off and on with that though.. I really pends on my mood but I do like helping people and teaching people things as well.

      5. I like my quiet and relaxation

      6. I have an intolerance for stupid people

      7. I want to go to the Caribbean sometime in my life and of course back to las vegas to.

      8. I used to travel an extreme amount and been lots of places. I love travelling.

      9. I hate the winter, cold and snow are not my things.. and im always sick during that time to bleck..

      10. I'm a night person. 

      11. Im a mother of an autistic/pdd/epileptic child

      12. I have extremely good instincts

      13. I love final fantasy x especially for auron :)

      14. Im an eclectic with music

      15. I love the fall time

      16. I love Halloween

      17. Im an occultist and study all sorts of things for knowledge

      18. I Love singing.

      19. I love dancing.

      20. Im moody

      21. (one for good mesure, lol) Im fair but I always am very guarded, watchful and cautious when it comes down to most everyone. Trust has to be proven and shown. Actions speak louder then words. I am a woman with conviction and moral.

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