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  • WoooHooooo! This is ssssoooooo fun!!

    EIGHT things I've learned in eight months of motherhood:

    1. In the first few weeks, sleep deprevation can make you crack eggs into a bowl of cereal and you're so tired you don't see that that really is funny...

    2. It doesn't really matter how many times a day I check it, there is always a mysterious accumulation of baby jam in the creases in Adah's neck.

    3. Despite the fact that EVERYTHING we own that's baby-related is pink, someone will ask how old HE is!

    4. There is no such thing as a perfect family. He will stray if he decides you spend too much time with your child.

    5. Making dinner with a baby on your hip is a lot more fun than it looks.

    6. Having a baby really does change your world, and coincidentally, everyone's around you.

    7. "Me" time has the same quality even though the quantity may be reduced from 5 hours on pre-baby Saturdays to 5 minutes at 5 a.m. on post-baby Mondays. Rejuvination is important.

    8. Time goes by way too fast!

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