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    Cdiss wrote at 11:07 PM on Sep. 20 , 2007


    Sorry. I keep meaning to call you back. I will tomorrow. We were in MN last week/weekend for Bostyn and my nieces baptism. We did find daycare. I did a trial run for two hours twice this week. I went good. She has been doing daycare since before I was born. She gave B a kiss on her head when we left yesterday. It made me feel good that she already adores her.
    How are you and Amelia? How are things with Shane going?

    solsweetjayne wrote at 11:57 AM on Sep. 19 , 2007


    hey girl-glad we're friends, your daughter is beautiful! Are you in Denver?

    Cdiss wrote at 7:00 PM on Sep. 18 , 2007


    Hi. I finally did this! Sorry it took so long! Hope you are both good. It was great seeing you at Morgan's shower!

    ilovebee wrote at 7:49 PM on Aug. 6 , 2007


    your baby is beautiful! I'm also single and live in CO welcome to cafe mom! If you need anything let me know I'm here for you because I know how hard it can be (well to tell you the truth I'm just finding out)

    mmhawkin wrote at 8:27 PM on Aug. 2 , 2007


    Yes--I'm in Washington..Spokane to be more specific. How are you liking CO? Did you like Portland better?

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