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    To be able to see my daughter accomplish all her goals She has DS
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    I m a 65 year old,retired as a teacher and now work only as a healthcare provider for my daughter., who has Down Syndrome and now has recently been diagnosis with Danny-Walker Syndrome.I am married, for 43years to my pen pal,we only have  Alicia, who graduated in 2009.She was a cheerleader, also was enrolled into the Honor Roll Hall of Fame in the Fall of 2008.My hobbies consist of stain glass working and designing and also do some ceramic.,and have started doing air brushing and we(Alicia and myself) recently started. making jewelry and now doing woodburning and we are now quilting  and embroidery. We have three dogs, we have peewee ( she passed away on 2/11/15) she was a dachund and 11 years,then Foxy,she is half pek,then we got scooter,breed unknown,as he was found under my daughter's window on a cold raining day.  We recently got a new dog,her HS principal gave her a purebreed basset hound named Elvis,he is 2yr,11 mos...And Alicia recently attended a dance clinic ,named Eva's Heroes and she also took her picture with Eva Longoria Parker. we have started making Alicia's more comfortable due to her new condition floating in poolAlicia has received a new Dachund male this time by the name Sammy,11 months after her PeeWee passed away                      

  • San Antonio,Texas

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    18 October 2017, 12:00 pm
    AMILEA BRIGGS, Age Now: 13, Missing: 10/09/2017. Missing From LAS VEGAS, NV. ANYONE HAVING INFORMATION SHOULD CONTACT: Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Nevada) 1-702-828-3111.

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