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    I'm Backkkkkkk . LOL .

    By back, I mean I haven't been on here in over a year. My last personal statement was dated for 2014, when I was in an ongoing custody battle and it was settled in Nov. of 2014. Honestly it's a little complicated and drives me insane at times. A lot has happened since my last personal statement . Here's a small list .

    1 . My DD became a big (half) sister last september, from her father.

    2 . I decided I didn't want another child, unlike a previous post I had written.

    3 . I left the relationship I was in from april of 2013, in august of last year. (There were a lot of deciding factors to this which I just might post about later)

    4 . Not only had I gone through the process of a custody agreement, but I also dropped the PFA I had on my DDs father. After not seeing and talking to him for almost a year I overcame the "fear" I had before.

    5 . I realized that no matter how much I tried, I couldn't lose my feelings I hid deep inside. No matter what happens I will always love him and no one could ever overcome or outshine my feelings for him.

    6 . Because of my pride, and the fact he got with someone else, I kept this to myself for an additional year after I dropped the PFA. And in that time he had a child with someone else.

    7 . I found not just one , but two year round jobs in the coastal tourist trap town I live in here in Maine. I have a trailer to myself and my daughter and I'm solely paying for all my bills and even food out of pocket without the help from the state. (still have never collected tanf!)

    8 . I still haven't gotten a license, I missed both permit tests I had sent out for due to my ride there bailing on me. (go figure!)

    9 . My goal for the next year is to get my license, car and start going to photography school.

    10 . My DD turned 4, last December , and I turn 23 in April .

    11 . I now have a 1 yr old nephew , a 2.5 month old nephew , a niece due in the end of march and a godson born a couple days ago . <3 <3

    for the record , i stilllllll dont know anyone who has a cafemom page . i found this site in March of 2013 on my own .

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