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    Clean 'n Green 'n Easy Series Table of Contents

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    Clean 'n Green 'n Easy: Week 7-8

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    Clean 'n Green 'n Easy: Week 3-6

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    Clean 'n Green 'n Easy: Week 1-2

    by amileegirl posted at 7:24 PM on Oct. 17 , 2010

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    "Age is the acceptance of years, but maturity is the accumulated knowledge of living."

    "To love a person is to know the song in their heart and sing it to them when they have forgotten."

    "A friend helps you move, a true friend helps you move bodies." ;)

    "Well behaved women rarely make history."

    Five reasons why it sucks to be an egg: Only get laid once, only get eaten once, only get hard once, you have to come in a box with 11 other guys, and the only one who will sit on your face is your mother.


    I believe that a woman's power lies in the knowledge she has of herself and he world. A woman who does not ask questions can not be a full being. There are still too many women there who do know even know the workings of their own reproductive system or that they always have the right to refuse even medical routine. I recommend the book "Taking Charge of Your Fertility" as a starting point for learning the basics of the female cycle.


    Just because I am an atheist and have major problems with people who can't keep their religon out of my door and windshield doesn't mean I hate Christians. Telemarketers who can't take no for an answer also piss me off. My friends and I respect each others beliefs and we know about them. I have atheist, agnostic, Catholic, Greek Orthodox, and Christian friends, etc. I have been invited to, attended many religous functions. Many of my peers at work are church goers and we get along swimmingly. One of my closest friends sings in the choir and is very active in his church. I'm sure that he and his church would accept me with open arms, but he doesn't ask because he has respect. My friends come in all colors, creeds, and sexual orientations. Just because I do not do the things the do or believe exactly as they do does not mean that we can't be friends. We like each other just as we are.


    I am Pro-choice

    I will have pro-lifers know that I consider embryos and fetuses alive. The difference is that I do not consider that life more important than the established life. I KNOW that it sucks and is unfair, but two in one body can not be equal. One loses. You chose the new one and I choose the one who was here first. Plain and simple. Things are not always fair or equal in life. You come up with a plan to make the situation fair, balanced, and equal where neither loses out on any right or privilage and then we'll have a solution and there will be no need for further debate on the issue



    Barbara Stocker wrote new words for the best known of all American hymn tunes, Amazing Grace, which she called Amazing Place (copyright 1998 Barbara Hamill Stocker).

    Amazing place, this world I find,
    No gods nor creed need be.
    I once believed, but now my mind
    Unbound, at last is free.

    A mind that's free to plan and build
    For all humanity
    Will find its life and dreams fulfilled
    In true eupraxophy

    I need not strive for heaven above
    Nor fear no hell below.
    So free to live in peace and love
    In kinship I will grow.

    No prayer of mine need e're be heard,
    Just rationality,
    For reason reigns o'er holy word
    For all humanity.

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    * SOURCE: Developed by the National Center for Health Statistics in collaboration with the National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (2000). This chart is a general educational tool only, and is not a subsititute for having your child's development monitored by a physician during regularly scheduled checkups.