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    The most importants things about me, are my two beautiful daughters Chasity and Trinity! The center of that is God, the rock of our family. He's our glue, and the peanut butter to my grape jelly. My Husband George, is the most amazing thing to ever happen to me. And I am happy to begin our life together (9/13/08)

     I am a recovering shop-a-holic, its been over a 1 year and 1/2 since I went on one of my $500+ blitz shopping spree. I still love shopping and fashion. My style is half trendy half classic but  I love a bargain. My fav stores are Macy's, Target, Old Navy, Victoria's Secret, Charlotte Russe, J. Crew (although out of my budget) and too many more to list.

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    This Year bearandtreemom Resolves to:

    Exercise More Often

    How will this resolution have an effect on bearandtreemom?

    I will be healthier, have more energy to play with my kids, get tired less often, and have a great body to go along with it.

    How will this resolution have an effect on bearandtreemom's family?

    I will actually have the energy to get up and play with them as opposed to being tired after 10 min. I will save more for our family by being able to fit into the clothes I have in my closet. And I will have a better self image for my children.

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