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  • Location: Arizona
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  • Interests: family, sewing, knitting, bike riding, hiking
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  • Sign under me and we'll get the place rockin'!

  • You can earn $ for charity or for yourself $1 at a time by answering questions.

    I found out about this new program where you can earn money for answering questions, and the money can go to the charity you choose, or to you via paypal. It's easy just go to this link and sign up. If you don't want to use the mobile version in small letters below it says "use web version" for your computer or laptop. This is a new marketing research program and they are legit, as I have been in contact with them and they have told me they're just getting started and they have great plans for this year. I was given one question so far, and it was a mutliple choice asking if I planned on buying a car this year. Right after I had given my answer, I was alerted by text that $1.00 had been placed into my Paypal account. For people who sign under you, you also get .50. This is not a business or a get rich quick scheme, it's a fun way to make a little extra cash to save for a rainy day, or let the money grow and use it for your Christmas shopping this year for those extra little stocking stuffers. Every little bit adds up, and it can add up quick, and yep, money has been deposited into my Paypal account. This is so easy and just wanted to share with you. Gotta love free money! 

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  • Jewelry In Candles as gifts for your bridesmaids. Two gifts in one!

  • Find out what Jewelry In Candles is all about. Enjoy!

  • More Jewelry Reveals from JIC!

    ^This ring is valued at $750.00!^

  • My JIC Ship Will Be Coming In!!

  • A Couple Of Reveals From My Customers...YAY!!


  • For anyone who is interested in being a part of the Jewelry In Candles team. We need Reps!

    Jewelry In Candles is a brand new business that started February of this year and has exploded over the Christmas season! These beautiful candles are 21 oz of 100% soy wax, they burn clean, are safe for the home or office environment, and they are made right here in Louisville, Kentucky! Not only do we sell candles, we also sell tarts, and coming soon, aroma beads. All items have wonderful, bold scents that are truly amazing. Candles have a long lasting burn time of 100 to 150 hours, tarts burn for approximately 60 hours. Something special about each candle and tart is, you have a choice of selecting earrings, necklaces or rings that are hidden in each item, and you also get to choose your ring size!

    Visit my website today to start your own Jewelry In Candles business with the link provided at the end of this message and start earning income within minutes!

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    I have a new Facebook page called Nancy B Goods

    by big_sky posted at 2:04 PM on Jan. 18 , 2014


    New group for Celiac Mamas

    by big_sky posted at 2:13 AM on Jan. 14 , 2014

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  • My Facebook Page If Anyone Would Want To Like It For Me =)

    I have just started a new page on Facebook for my jewelry and candle business. If you have a Facebook acct and would be interested in putting in a like for me, it would be greatly appreciated. Look me up at Nancy's Jewelry In Candles., my link is  

    Thank you.

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    Zyra, 14 years old

    Jodici, 12 years old

    Dion, 8 years old

    Bjorna, 8 years old

    Tino, 7 years old

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  • Necklace from JIC valued at $225.00!

  • A Little Bit About Me

    My name is Nancy, and I am a mom of two adult children, my son is 34 and a big teddy bear, and my daughter is 32, the apple of my eye.  I have five beautiful grandchildren, three girls, two boys ranging from ages 15 to 7 years old.  Where has the time gone?

    I've been married to my husband, Al, for it will be 40 years this coming January.  I met him when he was stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base in Great Falls, Montana, when he returned from Viet Nam.  We lived in Montana  for a time, but went back into the military in the United States Army.  The best 16 years of my life.  We started off at Ft. Carson, in Colorado Springs, CO, then moved to Ft. Meade, MD, then on to Dale City, VA when my husband was stationed at the Pentagon.  Our first overseas tour came in 1989 for Germany, when we lived in Kaiserslautern, or K-Town.  We were there until July of 1993, then we were sent to and retired out of Ft. Huachuca, AZ. We have finally settled down in Surprise, AZ, and loving it.  I miss my Montana, so have hopes at sometime being a Snowbird.  It would be so nice to spend the summers home, then come back and spend the winters here, in AZ.  I don't miss the snow and ice.  Love it for Christmas, but it can go away after that lol.

    Right now, I'm an empty nester, with the exception of taking care of my 88 year old father.  I spent two years in Montana convincing him he had to come and be with me.  A fall inside the house gave me the leverage I needed to  get him out of Montana.  We've been back in AZ for three years now, Dad is settled and finally has his visits with his new doctors established.  We aren't needing to see them quite as often, which is a relief, because I felt like I was living in clinics and hospitals.  Now that I have a little down time, I'm pursing an interest that I've always had.  I've started a new business selling Jewelry In Candles.This is a brand new company that started earlier this year, and have they ever exploded with the Christmas orders they received in the month of November!  Our candles are made of 100% pure soy wax, they burn very clean and are safe for any home or office environment.  Along with candles, they have tarts, which are on the same line as the Scentsy little wax pieces you burn in a warmer, and coming next month, they have Aroma Beads.  All candles have bold, exciting scents, nothing over powering, and in each candle and tart, you have your choice of selecting earrings, a necklace or a ring size 6-9.  Each piece of jewelry is placed in a little plastic bag and wrapped in pretty foil and embedded into either a candle or tart.  After a short burn time, you will see your gift and be surprised when you open it.  Jewelry In Candles is like getting two gifts in one!

    If you would like to find out more about becoming a Representative for a great little company, please don't hesitate, and get in contact with me.  I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  My website is:

    https:// nancyfbrown

    Have a great day!!


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    Esmrlda wrote at 4:23 PM on Dec. 18 , 2013


    Im happy to meet you too! Thank you for the friend request.

    bamababe1975 wrote at 2:27 PM on Dec. 12 , 2013


    Yeah, we were at 80 there for a bit, but then we dropped down to 55 with that huge cold front that moved across most of the US, and now we're still at 58, so cooler and more like December, lol. July and August are awful, though, for heat and humidity, for sure.

    lolita04 wrote at 11:29 AM on Dec. 12 , 2013


    Hard Candy @ CafeMom

    you're invited so come join

    post what you want to see in a group

    anything from humor,sex,debates,gossip

    and so much more !

    bamababe1975 wrote at 2:39 PM on Dec. 11 , 2013


    The humidity is tough - we've been hot and humid even now in mid-December! LOL

    stephs5isenough wrote at 6:14 PM on Dec. 10 , 2013


    I would like to invite you to a group ஐ•❀for women who love Jesus. ❀• ஐ

    You will find: God honoring fun, studying & learning together, praying with and supporting one another in all of life's situations.

    ღPlease Join us daily, as together weღ

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