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    mojitomom wrote at 2:39 PM on Nov. 1 , 2008


    Sorry you feel that you were not the one that was clueless.
    I was just being honest with you. That is what I do. Everyone is idealistic when they first come into teaching, but if you don't change your views you won't survive. Sorry for the reality check.
    This isn't a "silly" site, actually I find it quite useful.

    mojitomom wrote at 9:36 PM on Aug. 28 , 2008


    That is very, very sweet. I am so glad you are fitting in well! A girl I went to high school with is an eye doctor up there in Henderson. Barbara Newcome

    mojitomom wrote at 9:40 PM on Aug. 25 , 2008


    School was crazy, as usual. How was your first day? What grade levels are you teaching?

    mojitomom wrote at 11:35 PM on Aug. 15 , 2008


    Good deal! things are crazy around here!!!

    mojitomom wrote at 11:04 PM on Aug. 11 , 2008


    Me too, school is starting back up. We have an orientation tomorrow. I hope you have a really good year. Sounds like you are working with some really great people.