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"Had to cut off my sex dealer today. It was heart wrenching but it had to be done"
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    • Elyjiah Elyjiah 9 years old

      She's the most...

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    Elyjiah Starr Blair Finney

    by bit_o_evrything posted at 3:47 PM on Dec. 29 , 2008

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    10 things on me<3

    1.i dont like to waste time pregnant with my first child

    3.Im a christian very open minded

    5.i want a car and i want to name it Candywife dream house includes a boom room

    7.I make alot of friends but very few close ones,except family

    8.Im a Sag/Horse

    9.Im still in Highschool( O_O)

    10.Im too serious for my age

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  • New Year's Resolution,yall!!!

    This Year bit_o_evrything Resolves to:

    *be a Successful independent mother and woman

    How will this resolution have an effect on bit_o_evrything?

    It will have me working harder and being stronger mentally,physically and spiritually

    How will this resolution have an effect on bit_o_evrything's family?

    They'll be proud that ive changed from a lazy teenage cow to a hardworking young lady,lol

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