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"wish i had some sushi right now lol"


  • Location: Houston Texas
  • Mom of: 3 kid(s)
  • Interests: beauty & style, charity & volunteering, crafts & scrapbooking, family finances, gadgets &... more
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    Marcus 9 years old
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    Daysha 11 years old
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    Aaysha 11 years old
  • A little about me

    I am a new Author I write, illustrate and publish my own children's ebooks for children within the ages of young beginner learners, preschoolers, kindergartners and up. 

    I LOVE graphic design, writing, photography, pretty much anything that requires me to be unique and creative lol

    My favorites foods and beverages are sushi mmm yummy, scallops, strawberry frozen yogurt, fruit smoothies, green tea, lemon, honey..

    My favorite things to do to relax are, taking a lavender salt bath, listening to calming music, watch inspirational movies videos etc, meditate, drink green tea with honey and lemon, and my most favorite SLEEP lol

    I LOVE  ALL FELINES! I don't know what it is about felines but i love them so much they are fierce, exotic looking creatures who refuse to take any crap from any species lol. Maybe it's because I'm a Leo? lol


  • Bio

    First time author, Wendy Johnson is a wife, and mother of 3 children ages 7 and 5, and lives in Houston, TX.
    She grew up and attended schools in Vallejo, CA and upon graduation from Hogan high school studied at 4 colleges. 

    Having always dreamed big dreams within, she kept them suppressed because of the circumstances of her upbringing.
    She was separated from her parents at birth, and placed into foster care at the age of 4 and was labeled incapable by the school system being placed into a special education program for children who are considered slow learners. By the time she was in the 12th grade Wendy had been placed in a special education program for 14 years labeled as incapable and unable to learn at the same pace as what the school system considered "normal kids". This caused Wendy to believe that she's couldn't do anything in life.

    Early on this year February 2014 she had a sudden realization that she wanted to create books for children and immediately came up with a learning concept of teaching children the alphabet, numbers, colors and animals, immediately she acted on her creative ideas. She wrote, and illustrated the book herself within a month and a half; by March 15th her book was complete and ready for publishing. After publishing her book on Amazon Kindle she decided to give away her book for free to see how many people found her book interesting. Within 5 days Wendy sold 558 free eBooks, gained a 5 star rating AND she became #1 best seller in two different categories! This was truly an exciting time for Wendy because she proved to herself that she could in fact accomplish all things as long as she believed. 

    The inspiration for creating her first book came from her children. They saw true potential within their mother and suggested she become a Author, they knew their mother loved to write, loved graphic design, and most important has unconditional love for her children.  

     Wendy takes great joy and pride in creating books for children because it is a way to express her creativity and potential while sharing her creative idea's with children inspiring they're imagination and educating them at the same time. Wendy hopes to one day inspire millions of children showing them their own true potential.