Baylee (18), Austin (15), and Logan (12)
Location: Idaho
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"What to do? Go to the store with no kids (while they are at school) or mow the lawn? Hmmmmmm"
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    Your child may only need his carseat once, but during that one time they need it 100%. Correctly use carseats and boosters seats EVERY SINGLE RIDE! Don't jump the gun, keep your child as safe as possible every single ride.

    Children should ride rear-facing until they are between 2-3yo or until the reach the rear-facing limit on a convertible carseat (usually 30-35lbs).
    Children should ride in a harness until they are AT LEAST 4 years old AND 40lbs
    Children need to ride in a booster seat until they are 4ft 9in tall, no matter what their age is.
    These are deadly mistakes even the most careful parents can make. Become informed, and don't think it won't happen to you. It can and at some point likely will happen to you. Be ready!

  • Slow Down!!

    Do you ever realize how fast you may be driving in your neighborhood? Often people think they are going slower then they are. Pay attention! Drive 25 to keep kids alive! Better yet, drive 20! 5MPH can make a big difference!

    *Warning* The video below may be somewhat graphic!

  • Drive 25 (or better 20!) To Keep Kids Alive!

  • 5 MPH Makes A Big Difference!

  • Importance Of Keeping Your Child Rear-Facing

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