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    dancing, surfing, being in the sun, being around my friends (who are in cali ) and my amazing friends that are her and like to go dumpster diving, i love my little girl she amazes me everyday, my other baby girl cessa (she's my puppy), i love working so i'm getting kind of stir crazy when i'm not.  i'm going to school to be a hair stylist and i already have a degree in visual merchandising.  my family thinks i'm messy but its organized chaos to me, because  i know what it all is.  i love the color pink and Marilyn.  i don't care if it takes me an extra hour but i don't leave the house without taking a shower and doing my hair and make-up because i think its important to do things for yourself that make you feel better because when you feel better, your in a better mood and being in a good mood rubs off on people just like being in a bad mood.  i think that i might have a little bit of that OCD when it comes to dressing my baby and the way our closets look.  if you knew me you were totally understand.  if any of you know a good looking good guy that is artistic and has a job that doesn't mind if i have a baby send him my way.  BABY NEED A DADDY!!! haha. (thats kind of a joke but kind of not).  i'm up for talking with anyone just ask.  XOXO
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    chloeshotmama wrote at 11:28 PM on Aug. 19 , 2007


    i need help. i'm living at home with my parents and they are great people but my mom and i got along so much better when i was living in cali because i didn thave to see her everyday. and now that i do i cant stad that sound of her voice but i dont know what else to do because i dont have anyone else here and she is going to be watching chloe when i go back to school and they pay for everything. i'm feeling really trappd

    chloeshotmama wrote at 11:10 PM on Aug. 10 , 2007


    ummm i need a job i'm going nuts

    chloeshotmama wrote at 10:52 PM on Jul. 29 , 2007


    is it a bad thing if i feel like i need to get a job while i'm going to school?? i will go to school during the day and work 3 nights and 2, 8 hour shifts on the weekends while she is sleeping. i'm already living at home so my mom will be taking care of her. is that bad because i feel like a would be a bad mom if i did that but i feel like i really need to. i need to save money so i can get out of this house and so i wont start for the bottom when i get out of school in a year

    YeseniaT wrote at 12:30 AM on Jul. 21 , 2007


    But i think you need lots of friends around you seems you are suffering from baby blues . But what helped me thru my three year baby blue is my family and friends. if you need to talk blog me =) always happy to =)

    YeseniaT wrote at 12:28 AM on Jul. 21 , 2007


    Chloe i think you should focus on your self and kids and not worry too much over HIm. I think you should be the focus in your life believe me what is meant to be will be . but if it was not it never was.If you know what i mean better things come along unexpectedly.Otherwise their would be so many remarried people right he he.

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