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    • Girl Kensington 11 years old
    • Girl Katelyn 14 years old
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    What a way to wake!

    by crzy4clucks posted at 12:11 PM on Jun. 23 , 2007


    New to this!

    by crzy4clucks posted at 2:03 PM on Jun. 16 , 2007

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    1) I love my family, my husband and children.2) Ienjoy my nine laying hens,two ducks,three cats and my hanky dog!3) i like the outdoors, bike riding, walking ect. 3) I enjoy reading(when I have the time).4) I enjoy music (mostly 80's) and new stuff. I enjoy making krafts.Jewelry making too. 5) I love sleeping, I don't get much of it anymore.6) I love fresh veggies straight from the garden. 7)I like to dance, usually with my three yr. old daughter. 8) i love summer time (whenit's not too hot.) 9) I like a good movie.10) I just plain like my life (most days):)
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    flora52 wrote at 12:57 PM on Apr. 7 , 2008


    You should join my local groups. Go to my profile page and see, there is one for toddlers, breastfeeders, and one for just plain treasure valley idahoans.

    becky67 wrote at 8:42 AM on Sep. 20 , 2007


    ღ♥HUG WAR! Pass this hug to all of your friends and back to me, see how many you get back! 1-5 HUGS....Your on someones mind! 5-10 HUGS...Someone likes you! 10-15 HUGS...Someone wants to be with you!! 15-20 HUGS...WOW!! you are really loved by alot!!

    becky67 wrote at 8:34 PM on Jul. 16 , 2007


    thanks for adding me. not to see stupid but what is a snowshoe siamese? how was your day? mine was fine . my grandpa on mymoms side was born in rockland,power, id

    Leeza_Rae wrote at 5:21 PM on Jun. 23 , 2007


    My daughter has sever depression complicated by paranoia.She becames paranoid and wants to hurt her self with out her the way her father left and the meds. She started blamming me for my exs behavior. Then she disappeared. She seemed a little down. I just thought it might be teenage stuff. None of her friends have heard from her. I have checked all of her journals and web pages. No sign of her. The police checked with her natural father and his family. No luck.

    strawberryLVR wrote at 12:09 PM on Jun. 23 , 2007


    you need some pics on here girl!

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