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    My name is Mitzi and I have two of the greatest kids I ever could have asked for. My son Nicolas is 5 years old and loves to be outside, whether it is taking a walk and exploring nature or learning how to skateboard with his father.Nick has just started kindergarten and yes it is hard to let them go, I didn't think it was going to be. I miss him though , but I know he is making friends and having fun learning so that eases my mind.  He is a great son, I couldn't of asked for anything more. My daughter Lotus is almost 2 so of course I am starting to see her personality which is so funny. She loves to copy her brother and wants to be just like him. Lotus likes to be read to and loves her babies, we don't leave some without them. She was a dream come true and she really is a rare flower just like we named her. I am currently sewing baby slings mostly for baby shower gifts but I have been thinking of trying to sell them. I am getting creative with the amount of my own design that I am putting in to them. They are kind of designed for each person I give them to.  I also crochet, knitt and macrame. I also try and put the earth before myself, I only use organic materials and foods and I am a vegetarian. I will one day show my children that same way, but I think it's a little early for them to really understand the reason for it. Other than that I am starting to potty train my daughter which has been a little hard. My husband is Josh, he has completed me and is a awesome dad. He is an artist that has been sucked into the industrial field which pays the bills, but doesn't leave him with much time for his passion. Well this is my family and what we are about, I hope to meet other mom's with the same passions or children or I guess that is the same.

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