I am a mom to a smart and fiesty little firecracker!
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"stopping in and looking around CM is much different than it used to be"
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  • My Wand

    Wood type: tulip
    Length: 11 inches
    Core: Dragon Heartstring

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    Tulip is a very feminine wood, and often chooses females or those with a natural caring nature, often considered to have a natural motherly personality. Tulip wands are excellent for shield and protection charms, as well as comforting magic.

    Dragon Heartstring:

    Wands with Dragon Heartstring cores are excellent for hexes, or for dueling, not to mention fire magic. They tend to choose a witch or wizard who is strong not only physically, but also emotionally, and who usually has very strong opinions on things, though they often tend to be strong willed and thickheaded as well.