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    • Micah Micah 9 years old

      He's the "sexiest" baby...

    • Malia Malia 12 years old

      She was indeed my miracle...

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    To Do's Today

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    Stuck on baby names

    by flyestmommy posted at 2:14 PM on Nov. 17 , 2008


    Isn't he more annoying when you're pregnant?

    by flyestmommy posted at 2:26 PM on Nov. 6 , 2008


    Saying hey hey hey!!

    by flyestmommy posted at 3:26 PM on May. 5 , 2008

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    1. The most important things in my life are, The Lord, my daughter, my family, my man, and myself.

    2. I was born Patrice Elcea Devine by way of Salt Lake City, Utah, Yeah, there's black people there!! I have lived in Las Vegas, Seattle, Arizona, California, Kansas, and now I've been in Albany, Georgia for 5 long years!!! No military background, but I'd like to think my family has "nomadic tendencies". Some things that you wouldn't know about me is that I used to play the violin, piano, do modeling, extras in commercials, and gymnastics. I could slap myself for not keeping any of that up. I could've been the next Alicia Keys or Tyra Banks by now. But I got chunky and let all my potential fizzle. So remember moms, get your child into something and let their potential get as high as it can get. You never know who you give birth to.

    3.My pet peeves are bad teeth; dry, nasty, bad attitudes; haters; cheap people ( not people on a budget) I'm talkin about don't make no damn sense to be that cheap even if you broke cheap! And liars!! I hate people who compulsively lie about everything. And I can't stand how people waste their time hating and stepping on other's peoples toes to reap little or nothing. I hate people who murder or do senseless acts or violence for no reason or remorse. I think the world is too big and life is too short for stuff like that.

    4. My interests/hobbies: Reading, being a movie buff; swimming; playing video games; doing arts and crafts; SCRAPBOOKING OFCOURSE! Shopping; dancing; clubbing and traveling

    5.My guilty pleasures are chocolate, rich desserts, porn here and there (hey, don't act like I"m the only one), kinky lingerie, erotica books, and cooking butt naked with stilleto pumps. Yeah I'm wierd...

    6. I do have family values. With the long legacy of predomiately women, I was taught to be a master chef, a good housekeeper,a good host to guests; a good woman to your man, a mother to my children, and be educated, and have a sense of pride and a kick ass personality with all of that to juggle! And be a lady, not just a woman, a "lady".  And most important, family always comes first before a job, career, or a man. Family always stays, the rest comes and goes.


    7. Things that I would like to accomplish or dream goals: to own my own business in catering. Have my own clothing line. Create something new in scrapbooking. Finish my degree in psychology and practice in my own office. Make my father proud that I could still have a baby and be all that I can be. I dream that I don't fall so failure is not an option.

    8. Things that relax me: a hot bubble bath by candle light, a massage, a pedicure, soft music, the sound of nature/ the beach

    9. "I am": The jack-of-all trades, a good mother, a sex kitten, a "street psychologist", a caretaker, a provider, an educator, a "tiger", a "beast", a "beauty". I'm "crazy, sexy, cool". A phenomenal women to sum it all up.


    10. Words to live by.

    "Hope for the best, prepare for the worst". If you stay postive but know that there's a possibility that something may not go your way or that life will throw a wrench in your machine of plans, have a backup  plan, have a worst case scenario and prepare yourself to deal with your fate and the consequences of your actions of everyday life.

    Words to grow on ladies. Those are the 10 things ya didn't know about flyestmommy that you know now.