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    Lets see, Im a mother of two beautiful little girls ages 2 and 9, Stephanie Rose and Lillianne Jeannette, and one angel baby, my beautiful baby boy, Sergio Wayne.  

    I would probably consider myself agnostic, because Im not really denying that there is a god, I just dont know so Im not going to worry about it till Im dead.

    I LOVE frogs and the walking dead.

    I  have a dog named Olivia, and an iguana named Phoenix.

    I love my husband. We were married when I was 19 at the city hall because we couldnt really afford a big to do. Our reception was at a little restaurant called the moose cabin(its like cracker barrel except there was a bar lol). 

    I got pregnant my senior year in high school, and got married when our daughter was six months old. We are still happily married and living in Indiana. I would never want to live anywhere else, its beautiful here living on my grandfathers old farm surrounded by corn Fields.

     Umm...I play video games. My favorites are the bioshock and resident evil series, but I still play things like gta5 and gears of war.

    I tried going vegan once for ethical reasons but I guess I love the taste of meat too much. I seriously have the mindset of a vegan who wants to save every animal and never wants to see anything suffer(I dont even kill spiders), but I grew up loving my steak and catfish!

  • ~Jessie

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