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  • How Patiently He Waits

    There is a lovely garden
    Here within my heart;
    God's Spirit watches over it
    And has, right from the start.

    He cultivates His garden
    And of it takes good care;
    Nine different kinds of fruit
    Are sweetly growing there.

    Every weed, obnoxious,
    He diligently pulls out,
    Even the most persistent weeds
    Of self, pride and doubt.


    He gives His garden sunshine,
    The sunshine of His love,
    And thoroughly waters it with grace,
    Brought down from heav'n above.

    With manna He feeds it daily,
    'Tis sweet beyond compare;
    And, Oh, how patiently He waits
    For His fruit to bear.

  • He knows who you are

       Gardenia Love by ClaraDon.

                     He Knows Your Name
    When you are having problems
    And feel there's no help around.
    First take one step forward,To get to higher ground.

    If you think that God doesn't hear you
    Then that, is really a shame Not only does He hear every prayer you say; But He knows you, by your name.

    It does not matter just where you are
    When you call upon the Lord. He will be listening with a well-tuned ear And will understand every word.

    Be ready to listen to what He says,
    As He tells you what to do. For that will be your instructions Because the rest will be up to you.

    You should thank Him for His kindness, Because He was standing by.And not as you thought; He had turned away And would never, hear your cry.

    Even though you have made so many mistakes. He will not hold you to blame.
    For now, you are fully forgiven. And remember,

    He knows your name.                 




  • A Prayer For God's People


    Oh, Lord, help your people, called by your name, To humble themselves, confess their sins, Turn from their wickedness, live without blame, And on your dear Spirit depend.

    Help them to know that a thrice - holy God
    Would have them be faithful and true,
    Read and obey His Holy Word,
    And glorify Him in all that they do.

    Lord, help them to turn their backs upon
    This wicked, forlorn world of sin;
    Continue the work, Lord, which You have begun, Make them pure and holy within.

    Lord, set their affection on things above,
    May they seek neither fortune nor fame;
    Oh, may they be filled with Your peace and love, For godly contentment is gain.

    Oh, Lord, let them see the terrible price,
    Which Jesus paid when He died for them;
    He bought their redemption with His own life, Lord, help them now to live only for Him.

  • Welcome My Friends

  • Who is God to you?


    My Lord and King in whom I trust  with my life.

    You have taken me a sinner with stains in my

    heart and shown me that I am worthy.

    A single mom, with a past that was unclean.

    You saved me from the pit of hell,

    and showed me which way to walk,

    even when I still make my mistakes.

    You tell me "I love you my daughter"

    you say "tell the world of my great love".

    Show them who I am.

    Feed the poor, love the homeless,

    pray for the unborn, bring salvation

    to those that don't know you and

    those that are seeking you.

    Fellowship with those that are

    believers in my word.

    Praise me in the storms of your

    life my daughter. Do not fear but stay

    in faith for I am near.

    Lord you have helped me see that

    I can make a difference in someone life,

    by the guidance of your Holy Spirit.

    That you can use the weak and make

    them strong for your glory to shine.

    That when I speak of you, you take

    over my words and people listen as

    I talk of your great love for each of them.

    Lord God "I love You'

    You have given me so many blessings,

    that to some in this world may think 

    are so meaningless. For it is not riches,

    or gold, or the things of this earth.

    It is for me knowing that I will see you one day!

    But.. for now I see you in the eyes of my

    special child,my parents, my grandchildren

    the poor, the homeless, the blue sky,

    a flower in all it's bloom.

    "God" you are my morning glory,

    and I will praise you, your son Jesus

    and your Holy Spirit that lives within me


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    Rabbit wrote at 1:41 AM on Aug. 22 , 2011


    Treece is very sick and needs lots of special prayers to get the help she needs to get well. So please say extra prayers for Treece.

    Autiziumom wrote at 2:41 AM on May. 8 , 2011


    I love to encourage people. I especially love it when some one else can give that encouragement to me. Thank u. I will refer to ur page for peace

    StacysSerenity wrote at 9:48 PM on Apr. 20 , 2011


    Your page is Glorious! And you two are so beautiful. In all ways. I love you. What a Blessed time of year.

    Mansiongirl wrote at 2:50 AM on Apr. 17 , 2011


    Beautiful page and thanks for the hand in friendship; we were friends before and I left CM in 2009. Glad to see that you are still speaking the WORD!

    Extreme1519 wrote at 7:05 AM on Apr. 15 , 2011


    Dear Gloria-just remembered your other page. Can you check your messages on other page and get in touch? Thanks. Very Important. Love, Kim