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  • Turn Your Vitamins Into a Residual Income!


    bullet Value Priced at ONLY $19.95
    bullet 80+ Vitamins & Minerals
    bullet Complete Nutrition
    bullet Easily Assimilated Liquid
    bullet Premium Quality
    bullet VERY Pleasant Taste
    bullet 60 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee


    There is no other liquid product available that contains the same levels of all the Vitamins, Trace Minerals and other Natural Nutrients that EPIC ULTRA provides...PERIOD!

    EPIC ULTRA is the product everyone NEEDS, and at ONLY $19.95 per bottle, EPIC ULTRA is also the product everyone can AFFORD!

    bullet Potent MULTI-VITAMIN formula containing over 80 Vitamins & Minerals.

    bullet Low Calories - Low Carbs - NO Added Sugars.

    bullet Fortified with supporting nutrients to specifically benefit your HEART.*

    bullet Nutrients to combat the negative effects of STRESS in your life.*

    bullet ANTI-AGING benefits of our special anti-oxidant nutrients.*

    bullet Very special IMMUNE SYSTEM enhancing nutrients to strengthen your cellular protection.*

    bullet Provides unbelievable natural ENERGY enhancement.*

    bullet Special nutrients to enhance your MOOD and MEMORY.*

    bullet Nutrients to AID DIGESTION and reduce or eliminate the need to take unhealthy anti-acids.*

    bullet Additional nutrients to benefit your EYES and VISION.*

    bullet Added special BONE and JOINT nutrients to strengthen bones and reduce swelling around joints.*

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