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    UPDATE...  (Easter Sunday, April 12, 2009)

    Hello my cafe mom friends.  I just broke up with Vernon two days ago. It was overdue.  Why do we hang on when we know it's not gonna work?  When you know the things that are going to break you up in the end are staring you in the face? Oh well, it's done now. I am sad but I know the hurt will heal. He was a really great guy and I have no regrets. I think the last year with him needed to happen, and he needed to be in my life for that time period. What's next for me in my love life, I don't know.  For now I'm going to focus on my life and my son. I can't shake the feeling that MAJOR change in my life is coming soon.  When it happens, I am going to embrace it. My time for happiness is near and it can't come fast enough!

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    It's all about self discipline this year!

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    Eat better, cook more, work out 3 days a week, take the bus to work, balance my checkbook every day, keep the house clean. Just be an overall more "together" person. I am taking notice and following the lead of the people in my life that inspire me. This will all make me a better person and I will progress instead of standing still in my life, working my butt off toward no agenda. This is the year of PROGRESS. And it starts with improving ME.

    How will this resolution have an effect on hopelessnance's family?

    If I am a better person, I will be a much better Mom, mate, sister, daughter, co-worker and friend. We all benefit.

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      Hey girl...how are you? Anything new? Its been too long

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